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Welcome to the LisaHsieh.com website and online jewelry store.  Enjoy browsing through our beautiful selection of high-quality, desirable fashion jewelry that is sure to dazzle and delight you.  We offer a great new collection of Celebrity Style Jewelry, Designer Inspired Jewelry, CZ Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, Rhinestone Jewelry, Faux Pearl Jewelry, Coated Crystal Pearl Jewelry, Stainless Steel Jewelry and of course modern Men’s Jewelry for the perfect men’s gift.  All of our white gold plated and stainless steel jewelry is tastefully created to the highest of standards and offered to you at exceptionally affordable prices.  Wholesale jewelry is available for qualified customers only. Whether you're shopping for women, men or children then we are sure to have the jewelry you're looking for.  We take maximum pride in our Company and are proud of the high-quality jewelry we offer.  To us, Customer Service is extremely important and so we want to make sure that you not only absolutely love your purchase, but that you will continue to feel as special as you look. 

Designer Inspired Jewelry: Lisa Hsieh’s designer inspired jewelry is the best fit for modern and beautiful special occasion gifts.  Our designer inspired jewelry gifts offer so much more value than regular gift pieces.  We have something for everyone for all very special occasions including Birthday Jewelry, Anniversary Jewelry, dazzling Bridal Jewelry, fashionable Prom Jewelry & exciting Graduation Gifts, stunning Christmas Jewelry, lovely Valentine Day Jewelry, Mother’s Day Jewelry and modern Men’s Jewelry that make unique men’s gifts such as Father’s Day Gifts.

CZ Jewelry: Cubic zirconia jewelry, or CZ jewelry, appears very expensive and luxurious and yet CZ jewelry is available to buy at just a small fraction of the price of high-end jewelry.  Get the look and feel of Tiffany inspired jewelry here at LisaHsieh.com and dazzle everyone with a beauty that looks and feels just like genuine sparkling diamonds.  Cubic zirconia stones are man-made stones that look just like diamonds in that they are as brilliant, clear, and virtually flawless.  By adding color in the manufacturing process, cubic zirconia stones cleverly replicate many other gem stones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds.  When these stones are set in our high polished, white gold plated jewelry, the resulting CZ jewelry is something quite spectacular, such as the Princess Diana CZ Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring.  For anyone who loves sparkling jewelry, CZ jewelry makes a sensational gift. 

Rhinestone Jewelry:  If you are shopping for designer inspired jewelry or bridal jewelry then you will love the sparkle from our rhinestone jewelry range.  Swarovski rhinestones look beautiful and elegant in fancy rhinestone necklaces and other rhinestone jewelry that make very pretty gifts for her.

Celebrity Style Jewelry: For exciting Hollywood inspired fashion jewelry, our celebrity style jewelry offers the glitz and glamour of Hollywood stars and celebrities for a fraction of the price.  Our affordable celebrity style jewelry looks and feels like the real thing in beautiful styles while maintaining exceptional quality.

Bridal Jewelry: If you are shopping for engagement rings, wedding rings or eternity rings, then visit our bridal jewelry page for stunning CZ jewelry with special elegance and class.  For all special romantic occasions you will love our valentine jewelry and anniversary jewelry as well as our bridal jewelry sets. 

Pearl Jewelry: Whether you are looking for faux pearl jewelry or coated crystal pearl jewelry, you can find inexpensive fashion pearl jewelry as LisaHsieh.com.  A faux pearl ring and faux pearl necklace makes an adorable jewelry set for special occasion gift or elegant bridal jewelry.

Stainless Steel Jewelry: For low-price jewelry that is modern, durable and always looks beautiful, check out our stainless steel jewelry page for stainless steel rings, stainless steel earrings, stainless steel bangles, bracelets and stainless steel necklaces and pendants.  Keeping quality and low-cost in mind, you can find an array of perfect designs of stainless steel jewelry accented with cubic zirconia stones for added sparkle and shine.

Men’s Gift: For a special occasion men’s gift, visit our Men's Jewelry Department for our large collection of stainless steel jewelry and CZ jewelry and other jewelry accessories.  Much of our stainless steel jewelry is engravable to make a men’s gift even more personalized and unique.

Jewelry Sets

At LisaHsieh.com we are delighted to offer our most beautiful and best-selling Jewelry Sets of all time.  Look and feel like a celebrity or even royalty with these matching sets of white gold plated earrings and necklaces featuring dazzling Swarovski rhinestones, cubic zirconia or faux pearls that look just like the real thing.  If you’re looking for superbly luxurious celebrity style jewelry, designer inspired jewelry or romantic bridal jewelry then look no further than the bridal Diamond CZ Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set, the Baroque Inspired Gold Necklace Set, a faux pearl jewelry set such as the CZ Diamond Pearl Necklace Set, or a fancy rhinestone jewelry set such the Victorian Enamel Rhinestone Crystal Necklace Set.  Our jewelry sets are absolutely perfect for special occasions such as engagements or weddings; all heads will turn as you walk down the aisle wearing your luxurious and sparkly CZ jewelry set.


Add a personal touch of style to your jewelry collection with sophisticated and elegant bracelets from LisaHsieh.com.  Whether your style is vintage, contemporary, casually chic, or simply elegant, choose from a large selection of fashion bracelets and bangles to accent and compliment your personal taste.  We are proud to offer the Swarovski rhinestone range for superb rhinestone bracelets, rhinestone bangles, Swarovski rhinestone stretch bracelets and Swarovski crystal rhinestone bracelets.  From our designer inspired jewelry range we have very glamorous CZ tennis bracelets including a superb princess cut channel set art deco CZ diamond tennis bracelet that will surely add splendor and class to your outfit.  Impress your friends with awesome Feng Shui bracelets such as the power saying bracelet and faith, hope, love awareness bracelet.  If you are looking for exceptional durability with minimal maintenance then look on our stainless steel jewelry page for a selection of stainless steel bracelets that offers great style at the highest affordability.  No matter what your style, a new bracelet or bangle from LisaHsieh.com is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.


Become a celebrity all of your own with the hottest styles of fabulous celebrity style jewelry from LisaHsieh.com.  Imagine the splendor of wearing a dazzling and luxurious celebrity style necklace just like ones seen on top Hollywood Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez or Sarah Jessica Parker and being able to do so for just a mere fraction of the price.  Swarovski rhinestone necklaces such as our Diamond Rhinestone Accent Jade Necklace or CZ necklaces such as our Art Deco Inspired Diamond CZ Necklace make elegant and bold statements that will make you feel like a star.  Why not compliment your beautiful necklace with a matching pair or earrings, or just buy a whole jewelry set for the complete look?  Bridal necklaces, CZ necklaces, pendant necklaces and stainless steel necklaces can all make treasured gifts.  Stainless steel necklaces and stainless steel pendants are so highly durable, long last lasting and easy to clean and look after, they will last a lifetime.  Many memories are made and remembered through the thoughtful giving and treasuring of necklaces.


Our high quality and affordable fashion earring selection will dazzle and delight you.  For special occasions such as weddings or engagement parties or even for everyday wear we have romantic high-quality and designer inspired jewelry; designer inspired modern earrings will compliment your outfit, your hair, and even your mood.  Our collection consists of a wide variety white gold plated, rhodium plated, gold vermeil, stainless steel and fine costume earrings with featured accents of cubic zirconia stones, faux pearls, Swarovski rhinestones and more.  Choose from spectacular styles including chandelier earrings, fancy earrings, faux pearl earrings, dangling earrings, hoop earrings, stunning sparkling vintage earrings, lever-back earrings, stud earrings and clip-on earrings.  Here you will experience the hottest trend in earring fashion and find the perfect gift for yourself of someone you love.  When wearing spectacular earrings from LisaHsieh.com you can enjoy the sheer luxury of celebrity style jewelry and designer inspired jewelry at incredibly affordable prices.


Whether buying a ring for yourself or for a gift, at LisaHsieh.com offer a spectacular selection of rings from wedding bands to everyday fashion rings in high quality, designer inspired styles.  If you are looking for engagement rings, anniversary rings, eternity rings, solitaire rings, fun fashion rings then you will be sure to find a ring that meets your requirements and far exceeds your expectations.  Enjoy the luxury and sophistication of white gold plated, celebrity style and cubic zirconia set rings.  Our stainless steel rings are extremely durable, versatile and make excellent gifts for men as well as women.  Check out our stainless steel classic rings including modern and stylish wedding bands that will last a lifetime.  Browse our featured CZ engagement ring, diamond CZ ring, CZ cocktail ring, bohemian style diamond CZ engagement Ring for inexpensive treats that will make you look like a million dollars!


A brooch makes a cool and interesting statement to your outfit and at LisaHsieh.com we carry a number of hot and trendy styles to choose from.  If you are inspired by Hollywood Celebrities then you will love our celebrity style brooch which is the number one celebrity trend in the brooch market today.  Brooches can be work on your outfit, on your purse or even in your hair; in fact anywhere you can think of to add that extra bit of sophistication and surprise.  Whether your taste is in celebrity style, modern, vintage, art-deco or just pure fun brooches you will find something adorable from our wide selection available. 


To top off any outfit and to compliment your beautiful Lisa Hsieh jewelry, we offer a plentiful selection and variety of accessories including hair clips, belts, mirror compacts, key rings, anklets, toe rings and bobby pins.  A stunning little Victorian Style Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Hair Claw Clip or Rhinestone Heart Bobby Pin will add an added element of sparkle and refinement to any hair style.  Enhance your style with these beautiful little accessories; they make gorgeous gifts and are excellent value for money.