8mm Austrian Crystal Simulated Pearl Necklace

  • Fashionable simulated pearl necklace features 8mm crystal pearls that mimic the weight and feel of natural pearls.
  • Crystal core is covered with an innovative coating for a flawless,silky-smooth surface.
  • Resists cosmetics, chemicals and perfumes.
  • Perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine Day’s, birthday, anniversary, brides, bridesmaid, prom.
  • This classic jewelry set is to wear at weddings, prom nights, pageants, parties, cruises and special occasions.
  • Available in fashionable colors. Necklace come in a variety of lenghts between 18″and 48″.


All Variations

ImageSKULengthColorStockPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
N20301-BK16-2H16"Black PE117 in stock$10.00

N20301-BK18-2H18"Black PEOut of stock$10.00

N20301-BK24-424"Black PEOut of stock$16.00

N20301-BK48-648"Black PE236 in stock$24.00

N20301-RD18-2H18"Bordeaux PEOut of stock$10.00

N20301-RD24-424"Bordeaux PEOut of stock$16.00

N20301-RD48-648"Bordeaux PEOut of stock$24.00

N20301-GD18-2H18"Bronze PEOut of stock$10.00

N20301-GD24-424"Bronze PEOut of stock$16.00

N20301-GD48-648"Bronze PE10 in stock$24.00

N20301-CR18-2H18"Cream PE358 in stock$10.00

N20301-CR24-424"Cream PE201 in stock$16.00

N20301-CR48-648"Cream PE324 in stock$24.00

N20301-DG18-2H18"D. Gray PE832 in stock$10.00

N20301-DG24-424"D. Gray PE260 in stock$16.00

N20301-DG48-648"D. Gray PE193 in stock$24.00

N20301-LG18-2H18"L. Gray PE451 in stock$10.00

N20301-LG24-424"L. Gray PE259 in stock$16.00

N20301-LG48-648"L. Gray PE238 in stock$24.00

N20301-PK18-2H18"Pink PE355 in stock$10.00

N20301-PK24-424"Pink PE300 in stock$16.00

N20301-PK48-648"Pink PE428 in stock$24.00

N20301-WH18-2H18"White PE1316 in stock$10.00

N20301-WH24-424"White PE238 in stock$16.00

N20301-WH48-648"White PE297 in stock$24.00

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